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WCACS 2013 – Cartagena

6th WCACS congress in Cartagena, Spain


8:00 Evidence based guidelines in IAH & ACS: an update Andy Kirkpatrick
8:45 Hemodynamic optimization in IAH Jan DeWaele
10:00 IAH & ACS: Definitions Andy Kirkpatrick
10:25 Risk Factors for IAH Annika Reintam Blaser
10:50 IAP measurement techniques Michael Sugrue
11:15 Medical Management of IAH Inneke De Laet
11:40 Case Presentation I Mark Kaplan, Scott D’Amours (Michael Sugrue Moderator)
12:20 Case Presentation II Annika Reintam, Inneke De Laet
14:00 Resuscitation end points Juan Duchesne 
14:25 Pitfalls in resuscitation Jan DeWaele
14:50 Surgical decompression for IAH Oswaldo Borreaz
15:15 Damage Control Laparotomy, Temporary fascial closure Carlos Ordnez
16:10 Newer concepts in open abdomen management, VAC therapy Mark Kaplan 
16:35 Minimally invasive decompressive laparotomy Ari Leppaniemi
17:00 17:40 Case Presentation III Part 1
Case Presentation III Part 2
Juan Duchsene, Ari Leppaniemi, (Manu Malbrain, moderator)

DAY TWO: May 24, 2013 FRIDAY

8:00 Evidence of Massive Transfusion in Trauma. When? What? How? Are there other alternatives? Rao Ivatury
10:00 IAH & ACS in children Janeth Ejike
10:30 IAH & ACS in Medical ICU Jan De Waele
11:00 IAH & ACS in vascular surgery Martin Bjorck
11:30 IAH & ACS in pregnancy Ed Kimball
12:00 Presidential address Rao Ivatury 


9:00 Acute pancreatitis: an update Inneke De Laet
9:15 Source control in sepsis Jan DeWaele
9:30 Open abdomen in the septic abdomen Pablo Sibaja
9:45 Early Enteral Nutrition Annika Reintam Blaser
10:00 Delayed fluid removal Manu Malbrain
10:35 Case Presentation IV Janeth Ejike, Martin Bjorck (Rao Ivatury, Moderator)
11:15 Case Presentation V Michael Sugrue, Pablo Sibaja (Ari Leppeniemi, moderator)
16:30 Tertiary Peritonitis Ari Leppeniemi
17:00 Acute gastrointestinal injury Annika Reintam Blaser
17:30 Necrotizing ICU infections Ed Kimball

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