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How to apply


April 7, 2021
April 7, 2021
How to apply

Process of application for WSACS endorsement (see flow chart)

Applicant, WSACS member WSACS CTWG
General feedback May ask for advice regarding the aim, hypothesis and methods of planning the study.
Performing a systematic review as background before writing the study is supported/suggested to allow for the optimal study design (and possibly an additional paper for the authors).
Provides general feedback, facilitates the networking of potential future collaborators and encourages the applicant to submit a formal research protocol where feasible.
Submission of research proposal for WSACS CTWG endorsement Writes and submits the research proposal according to in WSACS CTWG guidelines (study protocol template is available on WSACS web-site from autumn 2015. Provides template, evaluates the protocol and provides feedback and decision regards endorsement.
Endorsed studies will be allocated a CTWG trial number and an abstract of the research project will be published on the website.
Translation of research plan into successful recruitment Writes all the relevant documents (CRF, ethics application etc) and may send them to CTWG for feedback if required. Provides feedback if requested
Study coordination and conduction Coordinates and conducts the study and is responsible for its success Assists with finding sites for multi-center studies. Promotes the study on web-page, at WSACS conferences and via email letters to WSACS members.
Analysis and publication Performs the analysis and drafts the manuscript Helps to obtain external statistical review (at the expenses of the applicant) if requested. Provides feedback on the manuscript if requested.